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Welcome. Ok, stop imagining old men in parkers with lapel badges! Amateur Radio is a modern, dynamic and fun hobby..and you can learn stuff too. Here at BARS we believe Amateur Radio is a true 21st century hobby, underpinned by its noble history, utilising modern electronics for communication. Use this site to pick up some info about us, and what we do to interest and excite both new and existing members.

about us. Founded in 1983 as an excuse to go to the pub.. no sorry, that's not true. Well, the 'founded in 1983' bit is... Bolsover Amateur Radio Society promotes Amateur Radio in Bolsover and surrounding area and provides support for it's members as they develop their hobby. We've always got something going on. Demonstration stations, special events, contests, licensing courses, DF Hunts and talks to name only a very few. Why not drop in to our club night? Wednesdays @ Colite Sports & Social Club, Moor Lane, Bolsover - or click here to view our latest news

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